WBC Champ Jermaine Soto Is Ready To Give Jake Paul An Opportunity To Win A Real Belt

Jermaine Soto is the winner of multiple martial arts championships, including the WBC Muay Thai, WCK, TKD, and National Karate Championships. He cannot even tell you all the martial arts tournaments he has competed in because there are too many to count. There were times when Jermaine Soto did 16 fights in a single weekend. That is how hungry he was to become the best mixed martial artist in the world.


When he defended his WCK championship belt in 2022, Jermaine Soto broke the record for the fastest knockout in history after knocking out his opponent in a kickboxing tournament in 36 seconds. No other opponent could match his speed and skill in the fighting arena. Jermaine Soto is a master of many crafts and has impressed mixed martial arts fans for several years. He was even asked to compete in the 2024 Olympics. 


However, Jermaine Soto believes it’s time to step back and let the young generation of fighters compete and achieve the same glory as he did. He admits he has been fighting for too long and no longer has the same goals anymore. In addition, Jermaine Soto has a 13-year-old son Triple J (@triplej_wccc) • Instagram photos and videos  who is getting ready to compete for his first California state title. He wants to be there to coach and guide his son as a mentor because that is what’s important to him right now.


But this doesn’t mean Jermaine Soto is ready to retire anytime soon. He still wants to offer notable contenders the opportunity to win his WBC championship belt, especially Jake Paul. After watching Jake Paul’s fight against Tyron Woodley, Jermaine Soto wants to offer Jake Paul the same opportunity that Tyron Woodley did. Jermaine Soto believes he can defeat Jake Paul and prove to the world how much of a chump he is in this sport.


“I’ll let him keep the money if we fight,” said Jermaine Soto. He is so confident that Jake Paul is a chump that he thinks his 13-year-old son could take him on. But is Jake Paul ready to fight Jermaine Soto? Jermaine Soto expects that Jake Paul does not want to fight the best mixed martial arts fighter. “I’d rather be on Jake Paul’s team and show him how to be a master rather than defeat him myself and not let him reach his true potential.”


Jermaine Soto is prepared to put it all on the line to fight Jake Paul. The question is whether Jake Paul believes he is a good enough fighter to take on Jermaine Soto. If he does, would he want to pass up the opportunity to win an actual championship belt from Jermaine Soto? We’ll have to wait and see if Jake Paul is up to the challenge.


Jermaine Soto owns a martial arts gym called the West Coast Combat Center in Los Angeles. He trains kids and adults and offers private sessions to those who want them. The instructors at the combat center are also champions, just like him. So anyone who wants to learn the true art of self-defense is encouraged to sign up. Kickboxing Classes | West Coast Combat Center


 Soto quotes “ I’d rather be on Jake Paul’s team and show him how to be a master, then to defeat him and not let him reach his potential.” Jermaine Soto told All Celebrity News.com Exclusive Story


His consultant Rio Appling Rio Appling (@rioappling) • Instagram photos and videos  said he is in talks with Sam Watson and other executives to for future events & entertainment with Jermaine Soto


WBC Champ Jermaine Soto
WBC Champ Jermaine Soto

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