Toni Braxton And Birdman SECRETLY MARRIED

R&B legend Toni Braxton is officially a married woman. Toni and her longtime boyfriend Bryan “Birdman” Williams were married over the summer – in a private ceremony in Mexico. Toni and Birdman have been dating for nearly six years, and have talked about marriage for some time. The couple first began in May 2016, and the couple announced their engagement in February 2018.In January 2019, the couple called off the engagement, but the couple remained together – off and on -ever since.

But over the summer, we’re told, the coupe decided to jump the broom. A person close to Birdman explained, “Birdman is very private – he doesn’t want his business out on social media or on some reality shows.”

“[Birdman] wanted to get married and he decided that she was the woman for him, so they did it,” the friend added.

The ceremony – which was held in a private resort in Mexico was attended by only close family and friends.


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The friend added that Birdman and Toni have asked family members to keep the marriage quiet, because they don’t want to maintain their privacy.



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