You Want FAME? Meet Sheikh Fye The Robin Hood Of The Entertainment Industry

Finding Artists Making Empires (F.A.M.E.) is an international music label management and consulting company founded by brothers Sheikh Fye and Modou Fye. The company has managed many prominent artists in the music industry, including multi-platinum artist Dorrough best known for his hit song “Ice Cream Paint Job.”

Dorrough has become the flagship artist of F.A.M.E. because they have worked together since F.A.M.E. was founded in 2019. In addition, F.A.M.E. has offered management services to several world-renowned artists, including Ray J, Canibus, Marques Houston, Teefli, and OJ Da Juice Man. They realize the F.A.M.E. label management model is the best way they can continue to build their careers and maintain their international fame.

“We’re creating a new system of artist development by creating an avenue for major labels to be able to invest in brands that are already independently built and ready for joint ventures,” Frye said.

F.A.M.E. doesn’t only work with veteran artists. One of the company’s biggest objectives is to help new artists grow in the highly competitive music industry. That is why F.A.M.E. provides label services to artists who need to build themselves as a brand and get leverage when transitioning to major labels. F.A.M.E. has established a unique niche in artist development by helping artists obtain funding for label services and expand and grow to more prominent labels in the industry.

F.A.M.E. does all the marketing that needs to be done. For the company, it is about building up these independent artists as businessmen and turning their music into a prominent brand. They don’t head to the major labels immediately but instead build the brand into something sustainable. Once the artist grows and gets more attention and experience, seeking a major label may be the next step.

Therefore, many exciting things are happening right now for F.A.M.E. and its clients. The company operates a single deal system where they work with a financing company partnering with them to offer funding to artists. F.A.M.E. uses its partnership with the financing company to help its artists obtain business loans and personal loans. Not only that, F.A.M.E. also helps its clients fix their credit scores and educates them on the importance of establishing a solid credit history with a good credit rating.

F.A.M.E. aims to help clients achieve a credit score of between 700 and 800 by deep cleaning their credit reports. That way, they will have a better chance of getting approved for a loan with a low-interest rate. F.A.M.E.’s management services have allowed clients to secure single finance deals of $50,000, $100,000, $200,000, and more.

F.A.M.E. has partnered with a hedge fund company to offer streaming advances to artists. So instead of artists getting incremental payments from their distribution, they can get paid in one lump sum. It is easy for artists to qualify for a streaming advance from F.A.M.E. because they only need a stream rating of 15,000+ to be eligible. After that, F.A.M.E. gives them a lump sum based on their projected earnings in the next 5 to 10 years. The way the algorithm is set up, F.A.M.E. provides an amount they know the artist won’t generate at the pace they are at right now in that timeframe.

As a result, it incentivizes the artist to take that $200,000+ when getting the advance and allows them to do the streaming, label services, etc. The labels will keep that budget because they trust their inside team to be able to do XYZ. F.A.M.E. creates space for artists to build their brands so they can retain some of their budget to avoid becoming stagnant in their careers when they get in the label space.

How to Sign Up for Funding Home | FINDING ARTIST MAKING EMPIRES LLC. (

Independent artists, managers, and labels can visit to learn more about F.A.M.E.’s label services and to see if they qualify for funding. First, select the funding tab on the website and then create an account. From there, the user can create an account and see if they qualify for funding.

The online service makes it easy for artists to structure their own deals the way they want. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for the artist community to control what they are putting together. Artist funding through F.A.M.E. is an interactive experience allowing artists to choose what they want the advance for and how long they want the term to last. Customer support is available daily. Home | FINDING ARTIST MAKING EMPIRES LLC. (


Finding Artists Making Empires (F.A.M.E.) is an international music label management and consulting company founded by brothers Sheikh Fye and Modou Fye.
Finding Artists Making Empires (F.A.M.E.) is an international music label management and consulting company founded by brothers Sheikh Fye and Modou Fye.




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