Sean Kingston Hit With A $1 Million Lawsuit Over An Alleged Unpaid Jewelry Bill

Sean Kingston is facing yet another potential lawsuit, as another jeweler alleges that the singer has not settled his expenses.

According to court records, Dream Watch has filed a petition seeking $1,054,107.50 in compensation from Kingston for two watches he allegedly failed to pay for: a Richard Mille Model RM 65.01 Automatic and a Patek Philippe Calibre.

The company claims that in 2022, Kingston contacted them to acquire the two watches, leading to a representative from the company flying from Malaysia to Los Angeles to deliver the watches to the singer. Despite Kingston’s assurance of payment through a wire transfer, he allegedly failed to follow through with the promised funds.

Nonetheless, Dream Watches is seeking a judgment in its favor because Kingston has allegedly not responded to the company’s numerous payment requests. Additionally, he also reportedly did not acknowledge the legal papers served to him either.

This is not the first instance where Kingston has faced accusations of not paying for jewelry. In 2017, Norman Silverman Diamonds filed a lawsuit to recover $21,353 that Kingston allegedly still owed for a purchased watch.

As reported by TMZ, Kingston initially paid $10,000 for a $46,000 Rolex watch and later sent a $36,000 check to cover the full cost. The watch was then shipped to one of Kingston’s business associates. However, the check he sent bounced shortly after the watch was mailed.

While the Los Angeles jeweler did receive a payment of $15,000 from Kingston in 2013 after the bounced check incident, the singer allegedly avoided further contact with the company since then. In addition to the outstanding amount, Silverman sought additional compensation for damages and legal fees.




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