Rio Appling Continues To Do It All As An Actor, Producer, Consultant, Investor, And Young Real Estate Mogul

Rio Appling is a multi-talented young entertainment and real estate entrepreneur. Born in Beverly Hills, California, Rio’s introduction to show business and real estate came from watching his father, Rick Appling, create a multi-million-dollar real estate empire. Rick Appling became a prominent real estate tycoon by selling massive luxury homes to some of the biggest entertainers in the world, including Ice-T and Barbara Streisand.


Rio was the 7th of 16 children in his family. However, Rio had a genuine interest in real estate and entertainment starting at the age of 5 years old. That was when he began learning about real estate and entertainment and how both businesses can relate. When Rio got older and gained more knowledge about the industries, he started his entertainment career in music.


His big break came after his music was in the 1996 movie “Original Gangster.” From there, Rio expanded his entertainment career ambitions by becoming an actor too. He was fortunate to gain acting roles alongside notable actors like Richard Roundtree, Tiny Lister, Ice-T, Daniel Baldwin, and many more legends. However, entrepreneurship was his ultimate ambition, so he set his sights higher by joining the family business.


Rio and his family own a film production company called Appling Films. It has already produced at least a dozen films in counting. Their newest films in the works include “Not Bye Site” and “Stars Cars and Bars.” Recently, they just finished preproduction on a feature film about the life of legendary singer Sammy Davis Jr. It is based on actual events involving Sammy Davis Jr. from the viewpoint of his late daughter, Tracy Davis. When Rio is not involved in his film production work, he is a consultant to his childhood friend, WBC Champion Jermaine Soto.


As for his real estate business, Rio doesn’t want to only cater to the rich and famous. Rio has worked hard to expand his businesses beyond local areas around Beverly Hills to reach clients throughout the United States. In addition, one of his biggest dreams is to create affordable housing for low-income Californians on a 70-acre piece of land he owns in the desert outside of Los Angeles. Rio has construction plans already in place, which include a water well and solar power system for each home in the development. He wants to build a minimum of 500 affordable homes for low-income people who cannot afford the overpriced housing in the bigger California cities.


“If more people did things like this with their money, they would not only just get richer, but they would also be helping others,” Rio said about his affordable housing construction plans. “That’s what we’re here on this Earth for!”


Of course, Rio is not afraid to indulge in the fruits of his success. People around Los Angeles may have seen Rio riding in the infamous G Wagon, which once belonged to Britney Spears. But he recently sold the truck to a private memorabilia collector for an undisclosed price. Now he has been spotted riding in a classic 1973 Rolls-Royce from London several times. His classy tastes are a testament to his success as a young entrepreneur in Los Angeles.


“I’m on my way to owning hotels in different countries like Donald Trump, but without the drama,” Rio said to Forbes and Yahoo Finance. “God is good, and I’m ready for whatever!”


 Rio continues to do it all as an actor, producer, consultant, investor, and young real estate mogul. Undoubtedly, he’ll be climbing the ladder of success at an accelerated rate. Rio Appling (@rioappling) • Instagram photos and videos



Rio continues to do it all as an actor, producer, consultant, investor, and young real estate mogul
Rio Appling  Continues To Do It All As An Actor, Producer, Consultant, Investor A Young Real Estate Mogul


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