Post Malone’s Ex-GF Demanded Support After Allegedly Catching Rapper Cheating on Yacht

Post Malone’s ex-girlfriend Ashlen Diaz hired lawyers to demand support from the rapper after allegedly finding out he cheated on her.According to court documents obtained by, Diaz’s former lawyers at the firm Martorell Law revealed the allegations as part of their effort to keep their lawsuit against Post and Diaz alive.In the lawsuit, Martorell Law said Diaz hired the firm to seek palimony from Post after they split. Palimony is a term used for support paid to a partner even if the parties were never married.

The firm said it worked on negotiating a deal with Post and his team. However, the lawyers accused Post of convincing Diaz to drop her lawyers and work out a private deal.

Diaz dismissed her lawyers. Days later, she signed a $350k deal with Post that resolved all their issues.

Martorell Law accused Post of improperly interfering in the situation and demanded a cut of the $350k paid out

The rapper argued he had no control over Diaz and demanded the case be dismissed. His lawyers labeled the lawsuit “frivolous, unreasonable, and without foundation.”

In response, Martorell Law filed a bombshell motion that argued Post did have control over Diaz. The firm said Post had been abusive to Diaz during their relationship.

Diaz’s former lawyers said they had evidence to prove the claims.





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