Poo Bear Lost An Incredible 240 Pounds Without Lap Band Surgery Or Other Weight Loss Surgery.

Poo Bear (real name Jason Boyd) is a legendary multi-platinum songwriter and producer who has sold more than 500 million records worldwide. He has worked and collaborated with many well-known artists in the music industry, including Whitney Houston, Dr. Dre, Chris Brown, Usher, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, and countless others.

Poo Bear is the perfect rags-to-riches story. When he was a kid, a tornado hit his apartment about one week after his parents split up. The incident left him and his family homeless at an early age. The only thing he had left to keep himself going was his interest in songwriting and music. He ended up writing his first complete song at the young age of 11. A year later, he signed his first record deal with an independent label and received a jean suit as an advance.

The independent label had scammed him on his first record deal. His luck didn’t improve much after a few more bad experiences with another independent label and manager. Poo Bear got an early lesson in the dirty side of the music business, which taught him not to trust people. Teachers at his high school told him to pay attention in class because he had very little chance of making it in the music business. But Poo Bear was determined to prove them wrong.

Poo Bear eventually started writing songs for other singers because he was eager to get his mom out of the hood. He did not even care about being in a music group or trying to get famous. All he wanted to do was write songs and make a good living for his family. The first hit song he wrote was “Peaches and Cream” for group 112. But it was not until he wrote songs for Justin Bieber that he finally got credit for his work.

Poo Bear co-wrote 9 of 13 songs featured on the Justin Bieber album “Purpose,” which sold more than 14 million copies internationally. It gave Poo Bear the music career he had always wanted because it allowed him to accomplish his goal of earning a good living and helping to support his mother. After that, he co-wrote several more albums for Justin Bieber, all of which produced hit songs and record numbers of sales.

The Weight Loss Journey

Poo Bear had been a big overweight guy for most of his life. However, he never thought about losing weight until he married in April 2016 and had a kid with his wife Ashley Joi (@loveajoi) • Instagram photos and videos. Suddenly, self-realization came over Poo Bear after seeing his kid for the first time. He realized that he had to lose weight and take better care of his health if he wanted to live long enough to watch his son grow to adulthood.

“I had to get to a healthy weight,” Poo Bear said in an interview with All Celebrity News. “That way, I can be in my kid’s life for as long as possible. I want to see six generations of family before I pass away. It took a lot of discipline and dedication, but it was worth every minute of effort. Self-care is so important for living a long, happy life.”

Poo Bear lost an incredible 240 pounds without lap band surgery or other weight loss surgery. Instead, he did it naturally through a steady diet and exercise routine. Now he has never been happier and encourages others to do the same to improve their lives.

He owns a lot of high-end clothing that no longer fits him anymore. So, as a public service, he has decided to auction off his valuable clothing and donate the proceeds to impacted communities.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  Poo Bear (@poobear) • Instagram photos and videos

Poo Bear lost an incredible 240 pounds without lap band surgery or other weight loss surgery
Poo Bear lost an incredible 240 pounds without lap band surgery or other weight loss surgery

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