Podcaster Bobbi Althoff Removes ‘FLIRTY’ Drake Interview Allegedly Caused Issues In Her Marriage

Bobbi Altoff, a popular blonde podcaster who got popular for interviewing African American hip hop stars, just removed her recent interview with Drake, where the two flirted with each other incessantly. And she deleted all mention of Drake from her social media posts

And there’s speculation that Bobbi’s husband may have been upset with the level of flirtation in the interview

Bobbi has recently exploded in popularity, after she started interviewing African American men – mostly rappers, in her odd flirtatious style. Her interviews with Lil Yachty, Tyga, and now Drake, have drawn tens of millions of views.

In Bobbi’s most recent interview, she interviewed Drake while the two were in bed together. Bobbi – who has a bizarre interview style – constantly asked Drake if he was interested in dating her. Look

The issue is that Bobbi is married, and word on the curb is that her husband wasn’t all that impressed with the way the interview went down


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As of this morning, Bobbi removed the interview that’s he did with Drake from Youtube, and deleted all images and videos of Drake from her social media accounts.






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