No Goodwill for Ye – Thrift Store Will Remove and no Longer Accept Yeezy Products


*Kanye has been dropped from various major brands over his anti-semitic comments including Adidas, Balenciaga, and CAA. Sports stars Jaylen Brown and Aaron Donald also dropped Donda Sports, as their agents. 

While other big-name companies continue to give him the boot like Sketchers, even Goodwill is now telling Ye they’re no longer expecting his products!


On Friday, Goodwill reportedly sent a memo instructing employees to remove all Yeezy items. They went on to explain that the brand did not align with their mission and values.

“As we strive to maintain the most up-to-date product information on Elevated Brands available to sell we are sensitive to current events and take action when designers and brands do not align with our Mission and RISE values,” the memo reads. “We are currently removing the sale of Adidas yeezy Brand products from all channels, Retail Stores, Boutiques, eCommerce and Outlets. As well from our Elevated Brands tool.”


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