Michael Jordan’s Son Marcus SECRETLY MARRIES Scottie Pippens Ex-Wife Larsa

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin. Michael’s son Marcus Jordan has officially wed reality star (and ex-wife of Scottie Pippin) Larsa Pippin. And now Larsa, we’re told is going by the name Larsa Pippen-Jordan.According to a person close to the filming of the Real Housewives of Miami, Larsa told producers that she and Marcus were married. And now the Bravo team are working overtime to fit Larsa’s new marriage into the upcoming season of the reality show.


Jordan, the son of NBA legend Michael, has been in a relationship with the ex-wife of his dad’s teammate Scottie since September. In June, on Larsa’s birthday, Marcus sent Larsa a bunch of balloons, along with a loving card, where he referred to her as his “wife.” The couple celebrated The Real Housewives of Miami star’s birthday with a lavish party, which was well documented on Instagram.

One of the posts was a photo of a note left for Larsa by Marcus and her children upon discovering a room full of balloons.


“Happy Birthday To The Best Mom & Wife On The Planet! — From Marcus, Scotty Jr, Preston, Justin & Sophia,” the note read.



And yesterday we got more evidence of the wedding. Larsa posted a picture o fetch couple on vacation – possibly their honeymoon. The pair were snuggling on a yacht, and Larsa was wearing what looks like a wedding ring.






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