Marlon Wayans Shares His Thoughts On How ‘White Chicks’ Would Hold Up Today: ‘If A Jokes Is Going To Get Me Canceled, Thank You For Doing Me That Favor


Marlon Wayans speaks on whether he and his brother’s film White Chicks would have been able to have been made in 2022 given today’s social climate.

The 2004 comedy White Chicks is a Wayans Bros. masterpiece that we will all love. However, how would it hold up today? Marlon Wayans, who starred in the film alongside his brother Shawn Wayans, says he isn’t too sure today’s climate could hand such a movie.

I think they’re needed. I don’t know what planet we’re on, where you think people don’t need laughter, and that people need to be censored and canceled,” said Wayans during a recent interview with BuzzFeed. “If a joke is gonna get me canceled, thank you for doing me that favor. It’s sad that society is in this place where we can’t laugh anymore.”

He added that he wouldn’t be taking advice from the younger generations or industry execs. 

“I ain’t listening to this damn generation. I ain’t listening to these folks: these scared-ass people, these scared executives,” Wayans continued, adding that he plans on moving the same way he always has as a comedian when it comes to telling jokes.

“Y’all do what you want to do? Great. I’m still gonna tell my jokes the way I tell them. And if you want to make some money, jump on board,” said Wayans. “And if not, then I’ll find a way to do it myself. I know my audience. My audience comes to my shows every weekend and they leave feeling great and laughing. One thing about the Wayans, we’ve always told the worst joke the best way.”


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