Elani Kay Is A Successful Young Entrepreneur And Business Owner In Los Angeles CA

Elani Kay is a successful young entrepreneur and business owner in Los Angeles, California. She is currently the CEO of 4000 WEST and the president of CEITA TV NETWORK.  She is an International best selling author, an energy life coach, and the host of “Elani Talk.” Elani was born and raised in the Bay Area in California, she is an Asian American born to Japanese American and Chinese American parents. Her childhood interests were music and performance arts. She grew up playing various musical instruments, such as the violin, piano, flute, and oboe. Not only that, but she performed in musical theater and was the lead in plays like Fiddler on the Roof. By the time Elani was in college, she had sung for church bands, national anthems for competitions, was in an acapella jazz group, and sang all throughout California.


College was of little interest to Elani. Her class time was spent dreaming about a better future where she owned a business and made a lot of money. Eventually, Elani decided to drop out of college and try to make her dream come true. She moved from California to Oahu Hawaii where she started off as a door-to-door vacuum salesperson to working for  iHeart Radio as a music research director to moving back to California and starting a network marketing business.


Her performance arts background gave her confidence and experience as a public speaker and communicator. She utilized these abilities to build her network marketing business and partner with reputable companies, including an online radio station. It didn’t take long for her to build a massive sales team and generate sales quickly. Elani loved having the power to create teams and marketing systems. It strengthened her leadership skills and taught her various business and money making strategies. Meanwhile, Elani was dealing with her life as a single mother and intimate personal hardships. But she didn’t let these personal struggles diminish her ambition to become the successful entrepreneur she strived to become.

Elani’s son was scouted for acting and as a natural born talent, Elani got him signed to a large talent agency in Hollywood. He appeared on a few major Television shows, a Netflix series, and a national commercial like Samsung, Nike, and Toyota. To support her son’s big goals to become a millionaire at the age of 18, Elani purchased a company called “4000 WEST – Production ,”


Many notable clients in the entertainment business have worked with 4000 West for their production and business needs including Netflix, BET, CBS, BRAVO TV, Paula Abdul, Steve-O, Ray-J, Morris Day, Vlad, Chanel West Coast and more. In addition, she works with social media influencers, YouTubers, and other content creators. But Elani didn’t stop there because she went on to co-found “Talent Agency Guide,” co-own “Frenzee Broadcasting” and own CEITA TV NETWORK.

•Talent Agency Guide helps connect aspiring and working actors to reputable talent agencies. Many actors starting from scratch have been able to sign with top talent agencies in Hollywood because of Talent Agency Guide. The company offers a book and a program to help actors sign with a leading signatory talent agency and succeed in acting

• Frenzee Broadcasting produces “The Outlaw Show,” hosted by a founding member of Tupac’s group, The Outlawz, Edi Mean. Other successful shows produced include “Top Shelf” and “The After Party Radio Show.” The latter is an FM radio show syndicated in four states, including Northern California.

• The CEITA TV Network streams and distributes original programming and licensed third-party content on numerous platforms, including television, web series, digital video, and film. This emerging network offers programming with comedy, documentaries, drama, reality, and much more. CEITA TV NETWORK is also a licensed network with VEZBI™ and is a MCN on the VEZBI™ APP.

“This year CEITA TV NETWORK formed a production and distribution alliance with Big M Entertainment Pictures with direct and third-party distribution relationships with FOX/Tubi, NBC Peacock, Crackle, and more.”


Many people call Elani Kay the next Mona Scott-Young because of their similar successes as television producers and entrepreneurs. Mona Scott-Young is an African American woman best known as the CEO of Monami Productions, a multimedia entertainment company that produced the hit VH1 reality TV media franchise “Love & Hip Hop.”


Mona’s first business venture “Violator” was a record label and multimedia entertainment company responsible for revamping the careers of legendary musicians and artists like 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott, Q-Tip, and Busta Rhymes. The success of Violator gave her the momentum to start her television production company, Monami Productions.

Both women came from humble beginnings and managed to build successful television production companies. Elani continues to give opportunities to new and upcoming artists, as Mona did for over 20+ years. Elani will have the same glamor and status as Mona in the entertainment industry



Many people call Elani Kay the next Mona Scott-Young because of their similar successes as television producers and entrepreneurs.
Many People Call Elani Kay The Next Mona Scott-Young Because Of Their Similar Successes As Television Producers And Entrepreneurs. 
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