Man Suing Nicki Minaj After Her Husband Allegedly Broke His Jaw

The security guard who claimed Nicki Minaj‘s husband Kenneth Petty attacked him backstage at one of her shows was shut down in court this week. According to court documents obtained by, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge declined to grant Thomas Weidenmuller’s request for default judgment against Minaj and Petty. As we previously reported, in his complaint, Weidenmuller said he worked as security for Minaj’s concert on March 22, 2019, in Germany. At the show, a fan broke through the security barrier and was able to make her way on to the stage. Weidenmuller said Minaj was furious over the breach. He said after the show he came across the rapper yelling at a female security guard. He said the musician was recording the female employee with her phone while demanding she answer how the fan made it on stage.

At first, Weidenmüller advised both of the other two security personnel that they should silently listen to Minaj’s complaints, even if she was screaming obscenities and falsely accusing them of endangering her,” the suit said. Weidenmüller said he jumped in to intervene after things continued to escalate. He said Minaj yelled at him and then told her husband Petty about the incident.

Later, while backstage, Weidenmüller said he was in a room with Minaj, Petty and two of her personal security guards.

“While Minaj screamed obscenities at me, Petty repositioned himself out of my eyesight and without warning struck me in the fact, which stunned and disoriented me. Because of the surprise nature of the attack, I am not sure as to whether Petty hit me with his fist or with a weapon,” Weidenmüller claimed. He said he immediately sought medical attention at a local hospital.

Weidenmüller said the pain was “far more extreme than any pain I had ever experienced in my life, or have felt since that day.”In court filings, he claimed his jaw was broken in the alleged attack. He has five plates in his jaw. He said he has had to undergo multiple surgeries and “will still have to endure approximately four more.” He said, “The doctors must still insert implants into my jaw as part of the reconstruction process. In the interim, the doctors have inserted donor bones from a deceased person into my mouth in order to preserve space for the future implants.

Minaj and Petty have failed to respond to the lawsuit. Recently, Weidenmuller asked the court to grant him a default judgement in the amount of $750k. The breakdown included $500k for pain and suffering, $200k for emotional distress, $21k for medical expenses and additional funds for court costs However, at the recent hearing, the judge ruled that Weidenmuller has failed to present evidence to back up his demand for $21k for medical expenses.

The judge wrote, “There are no medical bills to support the amount sought in medical expenses. The medical records attached do not show the amount incurred. Plaintiff states his insurance has paid $21,045. Thus, an authenticated report from the insurance company showing the amount billed would be sufficient.”

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