Logan Paul Announces Boxing Retirement

Logan Paul announces his retirement from boxing. In addition to making a name for himself as a WWE Superstar, Logan Paul has also made waves in the world of boxing, taking on opponents such as KSI and Floyd Mayweather. His most recent bout saw him victorious over Dillon Danis on October 14th after a very personal feud between the two.

Speaking in a new interview with Fox Business, Paul was asked about his recent United States Championship win and what that might mean for his future in boxing. He revealed that he’s considering himself retired from the sport, instead focusing on his professional wrestling career.

“Yeah, I think I’ve retired from boxing. I think I’ve done enough in this sport, going fully undefeated at 25 and 0. So yeah, I’m gonna be a wrestler now.”

When asked about the money to be made in boxing compared to the world of WWE, Paul made it clear that wrestling is far more lucrative for him. He announced his intentions to be a full-time wrestler.


“There’s no more money in boxing. Every company is going broke. So, full-time wrestler. As it stands, I beat Rey Mysterio fair and square for the US Championship. It was great.”

When Did Logan Paul Win The WWE United States Championship?

Following his victory over Dillon Danis, Logan Paul called out Rey Mysterio and made it clear that he wanted to face the WWE Hall of Famer for the United States Championship. The two went one on one for the title at Crown Jewel on November 4th, and Paul emerged victorious in the bout, winning his first championship in WWE.

His comments about winning “fair and square” should of course be taken with many grains of salt, as he had assistance from a member of his entourage, who handed him brass knuckles to help him secure the victory. Continuing in the interview, Paul spoke more about his performance:

“It was a dominant performance. I have to be honest. Yeah, some frog splashes, some punches. It was good. I feel good.”



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