Randall Emmett‘s beef with 50 Cent hit an all-time high when he allegedly dropped the N-word after reading the rapper’s book, which reportedly launched him into a racist tirade, has learned.

The movie producer, who was engaged to Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, made the comments to his former assistant, Martin G’Blae, in August 2020, a new lawsuit claims.

In the documents obtained by LA Times, G’Blae alleged Emmett spewed racist comments about Black performers, including his archenemy 50 Cent, Cardi B, and Quavo. The Migos rapper starred in Emmett’s Savage Salvation. The movie will be released next month.

The producer’s ex-assistant detailed a disturbing incident, in which Emmett allegedly went off about 50 Cent after reading the rapper’s book, Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter.

Emmett and 50 — whose real name is Curtis Jackson — were business partners on the Starz series Power, but had a public falling out.

“Emmett got mad at 50 Cent and G’Blae. He called 50 Cent, ‘this f—–g n—–,’ and then said to G’Blae, ‘All you guys are alike. All you guys do is hustle people.’ He then threw the book at G’Blae,” the lawsuit read.

Emmett allegedly called Cardi B “a ‘ratchet b—’ and expressed that he had trouble understanding what she was saying” while watching her on TV. “So, he asked G’Blae to ‘translate’ for him.”

As for Quavo, Emmett asked G’Blae, “Martin, if I go out with Quavo, would anyone know who he is? Or is it just like a culture thing?

G’Blae — who was Emmett’s only Black employee at the time — claimed, “Emmett often dropped money around G’Blae, and left expensive watches and jewelry around him, as if to see if he would steal them.

“Other employees noted to G’Blae the oddity of it, as they noticed Emmett would only do this around G’Blae.”

The lawsuit also alleged that Emmett asked G’Blae to “turn out his pockets to check if he had stolen anything,” adding, “Emmett did this to play into the stereotype that African Americans are thieves.”

Emmett’s attorney shot back at the allegations.

“Randall Emmett has never used a racially derogatory term in his life and Mr. G’Blae knows it,” Suann MacIsaac from the Kinsella Weitzman law firm said. “Mr. Emmett looks forward to vigorously defending this action.”




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