Keffe D Faces ‘Imminent Charges’ of Possible ‘First-Degree Murder’ for Tupac’s Assassination, Police Sources Say

Compton Crip gang leader Keffe D has gravelly boasted about his alleged involvement in Tupac‘s murder — and now law enforcement allegedly believes they have enough to present evidence to a grand jury and close the almost 27-year case, has learned.

Keffe D — whose real name is Duane Davis — admitted he was in the Cadillac with three other passengers when an occupant opened fire on Tupac and Suge Knight. He claimed his nephew, Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, was the triggerman, even fingering him as the shooter in his self-published book, COMPTON STREET LEGEND.

The U.S. Sun claims he is facing “imminent charges” for the rapper’s 1996 murder.

Sin City’s district attorney is reportedly set to present the evidence to a grand jury next month, two sources allegedly revealed. The Las Vegas grand jury will decide if Keefe D will be prosecuted for Tupac’s assassination.

The U.S. Sun‘s insiders said a criminal case against the gangster is “imminently,” alleging the D.A. “is looking at first-degree murder potentially for Keefe D,” based on Nevada law.

As exclusively reported, Keffe D spilled all the details about the night Tupac was gunned down because he believed he could never be charged for his involvement; however, a law enforcement source scoffed at that suggestion.

“Keefe wrote COMPTON STREET LEGEND believing he could tell his story without facing charges for being in the car where the gunman unloaded on Tupac. Otherwise, why would he do it? He made little money off the book. It was not worth his while, at all,” our insider shared.

“Although the prosecution will typically agree to some limits on how it can use information learned during a proffer, those limits are not absolute.

“For example, prosecutors can use the information Keffe D provided to build or strengthen a criminal case against the person giving the proffer. And, although an individual cannot be charged with perjury based on statements made during a proffer, it is still a felony to lie to prosecutors during a proffer session.”LVMPD executed a raid on a home linked to Keffe D and collected several items, including multiple computers, a cell phone, and a hard drive. Documents revealed they also found a Vibe magazine that featured Tupac, several .40-caliber bullets, two “tubs containing photographs,” and a copy of his 2019 tell-all memoir.

Chris Carroll, the retired lieutenant who was the first responder to the fatal shooting, recently dropped a bombshell that Keffe D was rumored to have been offloading items about the night in question.

“I heard rumors that he even sold some items that he told people were there that night. Whether that’s BS or not, I don’t know,” Carroll said in his recent interview. “Not only is he admitting to being part of a murder, but now he’s going to profit from the whole deal?”

Tupac was the victim of a drive-by shooting in Vegas on September 7, 1996. The legendary rapper died in the hospital six days later.


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