Keefe D Blames Diddy For 2Pac Murder Connection

Keefe D is blaming Diddy for being considered a suspect for 2Pac‘s murder.

“I met him back in ’91. He was doing an Usher video [‘Can U Get Wit It.’] They called my hydraulics place and asked to use some low-riders. So I let them use my four and we took the car up there,” he told The Art of Dialogue. “Usher danced all on the hood and window door so it was a big ole dent in it and sh-t. I took it up to the paint shop and they like, ‘We got to paint the whole car.’ So Puffy reimbursed me with that.”

But Keefe says he wished he’d never met Diddy.

“If I wouldn’t have ever met him, I wouldn’t have ever been involved in this bullsh-t. I would’ve never met the brother. I never would’ve been involved in this bullsh-t. Me and Suge, we played on the same pop warner team and everything. My home boys helped put Suge in the game. It really crashed two people’s empire in one night. Mine’s for sure…Suge’s too. [Diddy] the only one still balling. He made our sh-t go down, man… He won’t even look out or nothing. Because he pitted us against each other, which was kinda smart. We’re Crips and Suge was Bloods.”


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