JAKE PAUL I’M 6-0, BRO!!! … Beats Silva, Calls Out Diaz, Canelo

Jake Paul just went toe-to-toe with former UFC champion Anderson Silva — and WON — coming away with his hand raised in an incredibly impressive bout on Saturday.
The Problem Child and Spider beat each other up for eight rounds … but neither fighter could finish with a knockout. Jake, however, had the lone knockdown of the fight in the 8th round … after a short right to Silva’s head.

Paul got the dub via unanimous decision in Phoenix … and now the former YouTuber-turned-superstar says he wants to go up against Canelo Alvarez or Nate Diaz.
Jake grabbed the mic after the win … saying Diaz a bitch and he’d love to add him to his list of victims.
He also went after Canelo … saying he wants a piece of the boxing champ, too.
But when it came to Silva, the two showed nothing but respect for each other after the fight … with Jake explaining how much Anderson has meant to him over the years.

Jake gave a message to the haters, too … saying people will always find a reason to doubt him.
The fight was insanely close — but ultimately, Jake landed more significant punches.
Jake Paul — 6-0.
Whether you like it, or not.
  Full Fights: Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva | Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva 10/29/2022 – YouTube      
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