Glo Rilla Is Dating Rapper Lil Baby Accidentally Leaks INTIMATE Pic Of The Two


Glor Rilla has NEW MAN IN HER LIFE …. or at least a new sneaky link in her life. The popular female rapper has been spending some time with rap superstar Lil Baby.

And at least according to one of Glo Rilla’s latest photos, their relationship seems pretty intimate. The female rapper posted a pic of a new male friend in her life … performing his munch duties.


If you look closely, you can see that the man in the video has dreads, with tiny rubber bands on the edges. And the way that his hair is laid, it’s clear that the dreads are being held back in a ponytail.

Here’s a picture of Lil Baby, taken when he performed on the very day that Glo Rilla posted this photo. Mind you, Glo Rilla is on tour with Lil Baby currently.

Yeah … it’s him. Good luck to the new hip hop couple … lets see where this goes.





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