Gisele Bündchen Gearing Up For Custody Battle With Tom Brady




Tom Brady has scored yet another victory — this time in his split from Gisele Bündchen — as sources reveal their kids are siding with the NFL quarterback, has learned.

According to sources, the couple’s two children — Benjamin, 12, and daughter Vivian, 9, want to live with their father and not Gisele.

The insider said the kids “love him and can’t picture a life without him.” The same source revealed Gisele will not be giving up custody without a fight.

A source spilled the supermodel insisted Brady’s oldest son Jack, 15, would be better off with his mom/the NFL star’s ex, Bridget Moynahan. Gisele felt it would be best since she believes the seven-time Super Bowl champ keeps putting football before family.

“Ben is fine with Gisele but he LOVES his dad,” an insider said. “He appreciates that Tom has never pushed him into becoming an athlete. He’s more of a nerd, who excels at math, Tom means everything to him, and he even dresses like him.”

As for Vivian, a source said, “She’s the quintessential daddy’s girl. IN her eyes, he can do no wrong. She’s at all his practices, follows his games intensely and cheers every time he touches the ball.”

The insider said Vivian loves sports and plays touch football at school — and even wears her father’s jersey everywhere she goes.

And when it comes to Jack, the source said “Jack adores his father and wanted to live with him during his high school years. He’s football crazy, and plays free safety and quarterback on his high school team. I’m told he keeps a framed photo of dad in uniform in his team locker as inspiration.”

Sources said the kids’ worship of their father has sometimes frustrated Bündchen who often goes out of her way to win their love and affection.

“When they mentioned to their mom that they might want to live with Tom, she hit the root!” the insider claimed. “She’s vowed to fight him tooth and nail if he even tries to pursue anything more than joint custody.”


As previously reported, the one-time A-list couple recently hired lawyers and are currently hashing out a settlement in their $400 million divorce war.


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