Arnold Schwarzenegger Sued Over Car Accident That Left Woman ‘Permanently Disabled

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been hit with a lawsuit following a horrible car accident he allegedly caused back in January. According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the accident caused the action movie star’s vehicle to roll over on top of another car, leaving the driver of the other car severely injured. In the filing, the disgruntled driver is suing “Terminator” star Arnold Schwarzenegger following a ghastly car accident that allegedly left her badly injured. Of course, she is claiming it is all his fault. 

At the time, the actor was reportedly driving a Yukon SUV when it made an impact with a red Prius.Now, the person in question, Cheryl Augustine, claims that the accident has left her “permanently disabled” and is suing for damages.

The court document reads, “At said time and place, defendants, and each of them, so negligently, wantonly, unlawfully, wrongfully and recklessly drove, operated, serviced, maintained, entrusted, repaired and managed said vehicle to cause said vehicle to collide with plaintiff’s vehicle and to proximately cause the hereinafter described injuries and damages to the plaintiff.”

Augustine claims in her lawsuit that she “was required to, and did, employ physicians and surgeons to examine, treat and care for her,” which allegedly incurred “medical and incidental expenses, the amount of which is presently unknown to” her.

The woman further alleged in her lawsuit that the accident stopped her from being able to work.  According to the legal filing, she “suffered out-of-pocket property damage, loss of use of her automobile, and incurred other out-of-pocket expenses in an amount not known.”Augustine is suing for “General damages…all medical and incidental expenses…all loss of earnings” and all damages to the vehicle. 

As for the amount, the woman says the damages are over $25,000.According to eyewitnesses at the scene, the accident was so bad that the airbags in the Yukon were deployed. Schwarzenegger came out of the accident unscathed and was reportedly concerned for the woman, now identified as Augustine, in the Prius, who was in bad shape at the time. Augustine was driving at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue, a public street within the County of Los Angeles, State of California.

Schwarzenegger has yet to respond to her lawsuit.This recent lawsuit over a car accident comes after the “Expandables” actor was sued earlier this month over a bike accident. A cyclist who was hit by Schwarzenegger’s vehicle in February sued him for damages and expenses incurred due to the accident.

The legal documents obtained by The Blast revealed that the woman claimed that Schwarzenegger’s “negligence” caused his car to hit her and inflict “severe injuries.” It also alleged that he drove “with excessive speed and failed to keep a proper lookout.”

The incident happened earlier this year, and the female cyclist reportedly swerved into Schwarzenegger’s lane. Unfortunately, the actor was unable to slow down his vehicle before crashing into the woman’s body. The cyclist also alleged in her legal filing that the former governor of California and his house production company, Oak Productions, “negligently managed, maintained, repaired, drove, and or operated their vehicle” to cause the crash and permanent damages to her.

She is suing for damages, which include “past and future pain and suffering; past and future loss of earnings; past and future loss of earning capacity; past and future medical expenses; past and future healthcare expenses; past and future incidental expenses; and past and future household services.”

Schwarzenegger has yet responded to this lawsuit.





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