Antonio Brown to Pay $1.2 Million After Allegedly Attacking Moving Truck Driver in 2020

Antonio Brown has been ordered to hand over $1.2 million to a truck driver he allegedly attacked in 2020.

The former NFL pro was sued last year by Anton Tumanov. The plaintiff said he was providing moving services to Brown, who became angry over the cost.

According to the lawsuit, Brown struck Tumanov several times, causing “severe bodily injuries” and damaging his truck. He was eventually charged with several crimes linked to the incident and pleaded no contest to each. Brown was sentenced to two years of probation for a felony burglary charge, one year for the battery charge, and six months for the criminal mischief charge. In June 2021, his probation was terminated after only one year, but Tumanov continued with the lawsuit.

Earlier this month, a Broward County jury awarded Tumanov $1.2 million in a default judgment after Brown failed to respond or show up to court. Of the money, $793,000 was awarded for pain and suffering caused by the attack, while $407,000 was allotted to Tumanov’s past and future medical expenses caused by the assault. 


This lawsuit is just the latest in Brown’s growing legal issues. Ryan Kane, Brown’s former friend and founder of Secure the Bag Entertainment, recently filed a lawsuit against him for allegedly selling Kane a fake Richard Mille watch and fabricating a Lil Wayne feature in order to defraud Kane for more money.

Brown has not publicly commented on these matters, and it is unclear if he has begun paying Tumanov.

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