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Zendaya Talks Wholesome Disney Image, Spider-Man & Cultural Appropriation

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Zendaya looks stunning on the cover of Allure magazine, but let’s be real, when does she not look amazing? She just moved into a brand new house in California, has become a fashion icon, her career is skyrocketing and get this, she just turned 20. In her Allure spread, Zendaya opened up and was real about not pretending to be perfect saying QUOTE – “There is so much stress in my life…I’ve got family, a lot of people that depend on me and need me. I try to take care of everybody and sometimes that drives you crazy—you want everybody to be OK, and you’re like, Jesus, am I OK?” Zendaya has a reputation of being a positive role model and when asked about her wholesome image she said QUOTE – “I’m nice and cool with everybody, but not a lot of people know me very well. I have a very tight-knit circle…I’m just not a social butterfly. I’d rather be home with my family. I’ve never had a desire to drink.” Which translates perfectly to one of the reasons why Disney has deemed her one of their sweethearts. She spoke about why she continues to have a relationship with Disney saying QUOTE – “Plenty of people are like, ‘Why is she still on Disney Channel?’ Well, I waited and waited for the right part, and now I get to be in Spider- Man.” Which she realizes is an opportunity that many don’t get to achieve due to evident colorism biases in Hollywood. She told Allure QUOTE – “I ask myself, Would I get the same opportunities—would I have this role or that role—if I were a darker-skinned black women? And the answer is no. But the real thing is how do you take what you’ve been given and use it to better the situations of people that are your peers, your brothers and sisters?”
Zendaya is currently filming a movie with Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron called the Greatest Showman on Earth, recently launched a clothing line, is one of the faces of Covergirl, and is recording a second album. In other words, she’s killing it. I’m a fan. What do you guys think about her interview with Allure? Sound off in the comment section below and then click right over here to check out some Japanese Beauty Products on Beauty Break. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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