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Zac Efron Sexy In A Dress for Neighbors 2 Plus New MTV Show On the Way

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What’s better than a movie with Zac Efron? A movie with Zac Efron in a dress.
I’ve always said that Zac Efron looks hot in anything, and…well…here’s proof.

Not many guys can rock a tight, short red leather dress…but Zac Efron has proved that he is not like other people. In a video posted on Instagram, Zac was modeling this sexy little get up! Which by the way was posted to tease his upcoming movie Neighbors 2:Sorority Rising. And tease it does. The caption on this was perfect! It said #sorrymom and #CallYouAfterWork2Explain.
Well if that doesn’t make you want to mark your calendars for May 20th, then I just don’t know what will. Perhaps also reminding you that Selena Gomez is making a cameo as a sorority girl will also make you wanna spend your paycheck to go see this thing?

Also, in other Zac Efron news we found out yesterday that Zac will be executive producing an untitled documentary about his experiences as an actor, a traveller, and also his love for food to get to the bottom of quote “how food has moved to the center of Millennial culture.”

Now, that’s a documentary I can get behind. Especially if it involves bacon macaroni and cheese.

So, lets just get to the hard hitting question here that everyone wants to know. How do you think Zac looked in tight, red leather. Lets get hot and bothered in the comments or over on twitter at HeyErinRobinson AND click right here to find out what is up with Selena Gomez tatooing her fans. It’s pretty cool.

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    cuz he’s my baeeeee

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