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UB: Happy moments mula sa mga inabangang 2016 celebrity weddings

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One thought on “UB: Happy moments mula sa mga inabangang 2016 celebrity weddings

  1. Does the filipino people actually still give a fuck about celebrities’
    weddings??? really??? you people???? bakit??? invited ba kayo?? god damn
    it! Sobrang daming issue sa bansa? celebrity weddings??? Yo, there’s too
    much to talk about in the country at the moment. the country is still dumb
    as fuck. the government is still messed up, people are still needing help
    (not just some fucking free noodles and canned goods kinda help, but actual
    rescue from calamities, war and poverty) and the media is much biased than
    ever. So i suggest we take out these chika minutes or celebrity news or
    whatever the fuck you wanna call it and replace it with a better program,
    an informative program about i don’t know? maybe about fact checking? So
    Juan can really see what’s going on in his country and not just pick side
    from a very biased media. Point is, celebrities are common people as well,
    they shit, piss and vomit like everybody else. At this point in time, where
    the whole world is changing I think the Filipino people ought to be smarter
    with what they watch on the tube! And the media shouldn’t distribute
    garbage every night! I mean, celebrity news should stay in the fucking
    weekend talk shits at the moment and really focus on what really matters!
    Celebrities don’t give a fuck about you! Believe me.

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