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Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

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Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrities love to show off their tattoos ‼ for the most part – but many of these celebrities probably regret these tattoos. Whether the tattoo has no meaning to them anymore, was spelled improperly, is in a different language and doesn↓t make sense, or was a foolish dedication to a previous relationship, we↓ve got them all covered like Chris Andersen↓s (Birdman) tattooed body. We↓ll tell you the meaning, or the original meaning, and where it went wrong for Kellyn Osbourne, Kimberly Stewart (Rod Stewart↓s daughter), Ryan Gosling ‼ sorry ‼ Ryan Cabrera, Hayden Panettiere with a misspelled Italian slogan, Chris Brown, Angelina Jolie and her ode to Billy Bob Thornton, and of course, Mike Tyson↓s infamous face tattoo. You↓ll get some great tattoo ideas. Or, at least, what not to get tattooed on your body for life.

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00:44 #10. Daddy↓s Little Girl Loves&
01:38 #9. Keyboard
02:26 #8. Ryan Gosling↓s Face
03:14 #7. Free Bird
04:05 #6. Billy Bob
05:03 #5. Vivere senza ∟rimipianti↔
05:52 #4. Day of the Dead Skull
06:40 #3, #2. & #1. ?????

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