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Top 10 Tango Dance Scenes in Movies

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These are the sexiest, best choreographed tango dances scenes in movies! Our list includes movies such as Shall We Dance, Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Let’s Dance, Addams Family Values, Scent of a Woman, Frida, and Moulin Rouge! Can you think of other tango scenes we missed? Comment below!

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Tango Dance Scenes in Movies

  1. It really bothers me when they say they’re dancing Tango but the background music is Flamenco, like is the same thing, but is not.

  2. The sad part of this entire video was the commentator speaking through the all of the scenes, except for the end of each video when the the audience applauses (in several of the clips). Please, let the viewer enjoy the video without all of the talk over, it would have been more effective than what was presented here (and yes, I have seen nearly all of the original movies these were featured in, yet, even small 30 seconds clips are enjoyable to watch…without the talking).

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