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Top 10 RICH Celebrities Who Won’t Leave Anything to Their Kids

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Top 10 RICH Celebrities Who Won’t Leave Anything to Their Kids // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
These celebrities don’t want to share the wealth – not even with their own famous kids! For example: Filthy rich famous people such as Barron Hilton will be sending around 97% of their wealth to the Hilton Foundation, so Paris Hilton won’t see much of it! The same goes for Gene Simmons and his son and daughter, Warren Buffet and his riches, and even mega-billionaire Bill Gates!

00:39 #10. Barron Hilton
01:38 #9. Gene Simmons
02:21 #8. Warren Buffett
03:20 #7. Sean Connery
04:12 #6. Sting
04:56 #5. Jackie Chan
05:51 #4. Nigella Lawson
06:30 #3, #2. & #1. ????

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 RICH Celebrities Who Won’t Leave Anything to Their Kids

  1. They may not be leaving them money, but their shear name sake will have doors open to them that other kids/young adults wouldn’t.

  2. I find it sad that these rich parents bring these kids into the world, or Lucas adopts them and then say..go fend for yourself. Sure let them find their way, if they fall, teach them to get up, but don’t die and let them be like a Joan Crawford kid. Use your kids for celebrity status and photo ops, then boot them to the curb when they get older.

  3. Bullshit. Every single one of these “children” will get more money from their parents when they pass away than about 99.9% of people in the world.
    “Provided for”… fuck you!

    Also, do the math really quick… even 1% of 30 BILLION DOLLARS (Buffet, Gates, other billionaires with children) is enough money to last 3 lifetimes!
    If someone can’t live on 300 million dollars then that’s on them.

  4. for those who inherited their Fortune to not leave anything to their kids is BS. They didn’t have to do anything but be born and they where vastly wealthy. yet they expect their kids to earn it on their own.

    As for Bill Gates he basically stole his wealth and thinks he earned it. and he’s going to be Noble and force his kids to earn their own way because he’s going to take care of people thousands of miles away who never earned their own way. makes no sense to me

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