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Top 10 Most Successful Celebrity Fashion Lines

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Top 10 Most Successful Celebrity Fashion Lines // Subscribe:

These are the most successful celebrity fashion lines! For this list, the celebrities must have actually had a hand in the production and design of the line. We’re looking at how successful and popular the line is along with overall net worth – as well as the line’s lasting effect on the fashion industry, and the support it’s garnered from consumers.

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Successful Celebrity Fashion Lines

  1. You really could’ve left off Rocawear, Sean John and KLS. No issue with them but their clothing lines peaked and tanked pretty quickly. Rachel Roy, Lauren Conrad and Rihanna Fenty would’ve been better picks.

    Rachel Zoe could’ve been left out too.

  2. The romans alos encouraged shallow people around 3rd century,
    We know what happened next.
    I only hope it happens way more quickly.

  3. IDK but I never liked Rocawear , I think it was the big letters IDK, I love all the other ones and on pieces but I never got into Rocawear or House of Dereon IDK, I love everything fashion so great video

  4. You know, Hayden Christianson, Colton Haynes, and Chris Pine have brands. Im surprised they’re not in honorable mentions!

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