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Top 10 Celebrity Recluses

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These celebrities may be some of the most famous and recognizable stars in the world, but they sure don’t like to be! Or at least, they tend to hate the limelight most of the time. Some of them are famous music artists that hate fame, such as Lauryn Hill. Whereas other, like Howard Hughes, Nikola Tesla, J.D. Salinger, Bill Waterson and others are some of the greatest inventors, authors or cartoonist. Which hermit or recluse will be the ULTIMATE fame-hater?

00:36 #10. Stanley Kubrick
01:21 #9. Harper Lee
02:14 #8. Thomas Pynchon
03:14 #7. Nikola Tesla
04:02 #6. John Hughes
04:56 #5. Lauryn Hill
05:47 #4. Bill Watterson
06:30 #3. #2. #1. ????

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