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Today’s Corner Talk – Celebrity Gossip

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Corner Talk – Celebrity Gossip

  1. Wendy will never spill her own tea. Wendy ass walking around like a skeleton. Horrible looking. U can tell she going thru some shit, will she ever admit the cheating i doubt it

  2. I really feel like her team is telling her to stay out of the case in public. Whatever she do 4 him might be behind the scenes. Nicki gota lot of young fans and her coming out in defense 4 her brother may hurt her brand. With her posting the bond i think her mom put her house up from what i hear from the blogs. But i do think nicki could of been giving money to lawyers and his case behind the scenes. This whole shit messy as hell. I cant imagine how she feel. She was very close to her older brother… as for tamar she has condemned all her sisters marriage so 4 this to come out is crazy. Tyrese is going bat shit crazy. Lollll. He is loosing it. How u lie about the smiths giving u bread. Who knows it may have been true till he opened his big mouth and will and jada said fuck that lets pull back that money lolllll. I was waiting 4 ya commentary on these subject lolll. Great review as always

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