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The Making of a Celebrity Pastor – Hillsong Style

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Brian Houston and Hillsong Church. If you’ve been to a contemporary christian worship service lately you have most likely heard a Hillsong praise and worship song. Carl Lentz is the Lead pastor of Hillsong NYC and he’s quite the hip, young pastor in the hood. So, I thought we would take a look at what he’s all about.

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6 thoughts on “The Making of a Celebrity Pastor – Hillsong Style

  1. I appreciate your concern about celebrity pastors. I don’t know Carl personally and using sound bites here and there isn’t a fair way to assess his ministry or heart. Maybe he’s more solid than you think, maybe he’s not. However, let me turn things around on you just a little bit. I think your rant around 10min during the Oprah segments demonstrates some issues in your approach. If you think Carl should give answers the way you did, I’d say you’re wrong. Your language is quite religious sounding and unapproachable to many in this day and age, and Carl would not get through to a lot of people if he sounded like you. Focus on getting the message through in a way that might make sense to the average, unchurched person in the 21st century. Jesus used a lot of parables to relate to the common person’s experience, he didn’t only speak in the language of the Torah and Tanakh. The clip at 21:25 actually made me like Carl more. Thanks for at least giving him some credit, and again thanks for your concern about Christian teaching today.

    You posed some good questions around 23:00 in pointing out some contradictions or confusing stances. I’m not sure that your assessment around 25:00 is fair. I agree it can come across prosperity, but I don’t think what is he said is untrue (depends on how he would elaborate on it in an individuals circumstances in a counseling situation). I think his point was that God doesn’t want you stuck in a pattern of brokenness or being dominated by your unfortunate circumstances. I do think Carl had an opportunity to speak against those who ask for jets, that’s a huge red flag when people are asking for money for that…unless the jet is for the kinds of things Samaritans Purse uses planes for- to bring aid and relief to those in need. I doubt that was the case with the pastor they were referencing. Take care.

  2. What’s with the tall beer glass in the background? Between that and your hand signs, you are not trustworthy. I won’t be using your videos as a reference after all.

  3. Matthew 12:37, “For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” If Mr. Lentz is going to command such a big audience, following and stage, he should expect his words to be judged. I would rather Bezelt3 judge me and set me straight than to stand before God to be judged and be condemned. Thank you for your videos! You are a teacher of godly discernment.

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