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Zayn’s Twitter Stans ANGRY He’s Not In This Movie!

More Celebrity News ►► Zayn Malik fans are calling out Disney for quite possibly the biggest missed opportunity of all time. What’s up guys? It’s Erin Robinson here with Clevver News and we have to talk about Zayn’s new cover of “A Whole New World.” [You know this one where he looks

Zayn ADMITS He Had NO Friends While in One Direction

More Celebrity News ►► As every Directioner knows, Zayn’s departure from the band caused quite a rift between Z and his former bandmates. I mean, who could forget that crazy Twitter fight between Z and Louis shortly after he left? Anyway, things eventually simmered down between the two and in

Zayn Drops NEW “Sour Diesel” Song & Fights CRIME In Music Video

More Celebrity News ►► Everything Zayn has been releasing from here on out has been incredible and his latest single is no different. Z dropped the brand new track titled ‘Sour Diesel’ on Wednesday and the song is actually, so so good. But is anyone surprised by this sentiment? As you

Zayn DRAGGED By Beyonce Fans Over Cover of “Me, Myself & I”

More Celebrity News ►► Zayn has new music coming out soon and over the weekend he took to Twitter to give us a taste. He tweeted, “Album is on the way, Got a few surprises for you too .. here’s a taster” Well that taster was him covering Beyonce’s “Me,

Zayn REFUSES To Label Gigi Hadid Relationship & DISSES The Met Gala

More Celebrity News ►► The “are they – aren’t they” saga continues for Gigi Hadid and Zayn’s Malik’s relationship. The two split up earlier this year in March and then we’re pretty much caught locking lips in New York by the end of April. Obviously after that happened we all

Zayn SPOTTED Entering Gigi Hadid’s NYC Home Following Split

More Celebrity News ►► After announcing their split just last month, Zayn and Gigi have kept things pretty friendly. Recently Zayn dropped a music video that starred a veeery convincing Gigi lookalike. Then he expressed the song was about their love telling Ryan Seacrest QUOTE, “I was aspiring to be

Zayn Reveals FAILED Love With Gigi Hadid Inspired “Let Me”

Thank you to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for sponsoring this episode #justdrive If you’re texting, you’re not driving More Celebrity News ►► Zayn has been interviewed by a number of different places to promote his upcoming music, one being Key 103 Manchester where he talked about potentially aaaacting?! QUOTE,

Fans Are REALLY Confused Over Zayn’s New Hair

More Celebrity News ►► Everyone goes through phases and eventually there comes a time for change. And sometimes that change is a bowl cut. Zayn recently chopped his hair leaving it long on top and shaved on the bottom and you already know fans have been quick to weigh in

Gigi Hadid GUSHES Over Zayn & Shares Adorable Throwback Pic

More Celebrity News ►► Let’s be honest, 2017 hasn’t been that great of year for our favorite celeb couples. Far too many of the couples that we saw as #relationshipgoals broke up like Chris Pratt and Anna Faris and we are STILL trying to wrap our heads around the whole

10 Times Music Artists Stormed Off Stage During Concerts

More Celebrity News ►► It’s every music artist’s dream to perform in front of thousands of adoring fans, but sometimes crazy crowds or technical problems can turn that dream into a nightmare. So today we’re looking back at 10 times singers stormed off stage during concerts--right here on Listed! For More

Zayn Now STARRING In NBC Boy Band Show?

More Celebrity News ►► Since Zayn checked off dominating the music charts on his to do list, he’s moving on to the next thing and that involves a TV script and a couple of expensive cameras. We all know that Zayn has already signed on to be the executive producer on