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Tom Holland DATING Family Friend Olivia Bolton!

More Celebrity News ►► So the jokes on us because while we were playing ‘will they won’t they’ with Zendaya and Tom Holland, what we didn’t know was that Tom was boo’d up all along. What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad with Clevver News and we told you yesterday about

Tom Holland HEARTBROKEN This Co-Star Forgot Filming With Him!

More Celebrity News ►► Tom Holland may be one of the most famous faces in Hollywood right now, but that didn’t stop his UBER famous co-star from forgetting she worked with him! What’s up guys? It’s Drew Dorsey here with Clevver News and if you don’t know who Tom Holland

Tom Holland SAVES FAN From A Mob Of People!

More Celebrity News ►► As if there weren’t already enough reasons to love Tom Holland, he just came to the rescue of a fan being trampled by people trying to get his autograph and picture. Ugh he is just such a good person. What’s up y’all? It’s Emile Ennis Jr.

Tom Holland Nearly Catches On FIRE During Photoshoot

More Celebrity News ►► Zendaya’s rumored boyfriend and Spiderman co-star Tom Holland is in the hot seat. Literally. What’s up guys I’m Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Tom Holland had a close call with an open flame during a photoshoot for an upcoming edition of “Man About Town”

Zendaya Secretly DATING Co-Star, Tom Holland?!

More Celebrity News ►► Zendaya and Tom Holland may not be an official item, but the Internet definitely thinks these two are more than just friends. What’s up Clevver fam? It’s Erin Robinson here for Clevver News breaking down the latest reason why we think Zendaya and Tom Holland are dating.

Zendaya & Tom Holland Spark MORE Dating Rumors Over Instagram Comment

More Celebrity News ►► Tom Holland & Zendaya spark MORE dating rumors thanks to a sly Instagram comment. OMG you guys, this might be the confirmation we’ve ALL been waiting for. Rumors that Spiderman-Homecoming co-stars Tom Holland & Zendaya are dating have been swirling ever since the movie came out. And it’s

5 Must-See Moments from Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer 2

More Celebrity News ►► The SECOND action-packed Spiderman Homecoming Trailer has crawled its way to the public, and for the warning, you may want to take a seat for this one. If your spidey-senses are tingling with excitement right now, GOOD, because the second Spiderman trailer leaves nothing short of an

Spider-Man Homecoming Teaser: First Look at Web Wings!

More Celebrity News ►► The first Spider-Man: Homecoming teaser trailer has finally debuted, and it’s definitely not what we were expecting... The first trailer is teasing out one huge new change to Spider-Man in this latest reboot, and it’s getting mixed reviews from fans... The teaser shows us the POV of Peter