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Shawn Mendes STAYS In Mexico City To Help Out Post-Earthquake

More Celebrity News ►► Actions speak louder than words and after the tragic earthquake in Mexico City, Shawn is showing the city that he truly cares – and not just by sending his deepest condolences. But before we get into everything that Shawn is doing to help out the city,

Niall Horan GUSHES Over Shawn Mendes & Says He’s Proud Of Him

Transformers: The Last Knight, Now Playing - Get Tickets Now More Celebrity News ►► Niall Horan gushes over Shawn Mendes and fans are going crazy for their adorable new bromance… There’s nothing like a fresh bromance to get fans fired up, especially one that involves two extremely talented and attractive pop

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Shawn Mendes

More Celebrity News ►► Shawn Mendes, please have MERCY on our souls! He swept our hearts away on Vine and has since become a world-wide phenomenon/serious dream boat, but believe it or not, there’s still a whole lot more to Shawn than meets the eye, so right now we’re bringing