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7-Eleven DEBUTS New Cap’n Crunch Slurpees So Bring On The Nostalgia

More Celebrity News ►► Those that have already tried the frozen treat have said it really does taste like the cereal for the first few sips, however that’s where the good news pretty much ends. Now contrary to how delicious a crunch berry slurpee sounds the slurpee has actually been

You Can Now Order Unicorn GLITTER Pizza But The Internet Has Questions

More Celebrity News ►► Just when we thought we’d reached PEAK unicorn food madness, think again, because Dagwood pizza located in Santa Monica, Californa is serving up glittery pizza to the masses. The Instagram sensation, called the Magical AF pizza, is a regular cheese pizza dusted with a TON of edible

Disney DEBUTS Pineapple Cotton Candy & Here’s Where To Get It

More Celebrity News ►► The OG version was a pineapple dole whip cotton candy that was pretty delish on its own.But now, nothing tops this new one that looks EXACTLY like a real pineapple! Oh and in addition to the cotton candy being carved to look just like the actual fruit,

Disney Debuts New SEQUIN Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Backpack Line

More Celebrity News ►► Disney has been churning out millennial pink and rose gold everything lately and they are certainly not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon. And now, the magical minds over at Disney have just unveiled a brand new product to their ever so popular

Nickelodeon SLIME Sauce Ketchup Will Be Your New Favorite Condiment

More Celebrity News ►► The green goo was often used to douse various TV show contestants or celebs as either an act of humiliation or celebration, depending on the circumstances. There’s no doubt that you probably always wondered what it would be like to get slimed and you were probably

Pickle Ice Pops Are Here Just In Time For Summer

More Celebrity News ►► Pickles are having a major moment in 2018. Lately all sorts of twists on traditional foods have gotten pickle-y upgrades! Well it doesn’t seem like people have reached their peak pickle obsession – so get excited fellow pickle fans, because this summer you can officially cool

Trader Joe’s RELEASES A Brand New & Affordable Bottle of Organic Rose

More Celebrity News ►► Charles shaw wines otherwise lovingly known as “two buck chuck” to all you trader joe’s fans, has been available for purchase in store for around 15 years. Well get excited ya’ll because a brand new “two buck chuck” has hit shelves and people are FREAKING OUT! The

Dunkin Donuts NEW ‘Donut Fries’ Might Be Coming To A City Near You!

More Celebrity News ►► There are certain things that you thought you didn’t have a need for, but then they get announced and you think, ‘yep. that’s a thing that I need immediately!” And that thing was just announced- Dunkin Donuts is rolling out cinnamon-sugar covered donut fries at a small

Sliced Ketchup Is About To Hit Grocery Stores & Keep You Mess-Free

More Celebrity News ►► A food entrepreneur named Emily Williams and her business partner have started a Kickstarter campaign to mass-produce a new product called “Slice of Sauce”. Slice of Sauce is basically everyone’s favorite condiment--ketchup--in slice form. The Ketchup slices are shaped and packaged liked Kraft Singles, and seem

Krispy Kreme Reveals Their Easter-Themed Donut & It’s Beyond EPIC

More Celebrity News ►► Krispy Kreme teamed up with Reese’s for a peanut butter egg doughnut! The tasty treat is chocolate glazed on the outside, with cute icing and peanut crumbles, and is even shaped like a traditional easter egg. And as for what’s on the inside -- it’s a peanut

Twitter Faces MAJOR BACKLASH Over Oscars Commercial

More Celebrity News ►► The commercial was shining a light on the #HereWeAre campaign that originated during the Consumer Electronics Show -- aka, CES -- which is meant to help shine a light on women in the tech industry. The video was tweeted out with the message, QUOTE: “We stand

Elf On A Shelf Could Be HARMFUL To Kids?!

More Celebrity News ►► According to child psychologist Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, the adorable little elf that brings millions of families heart warming joy could apparently be ruining our future generations lives. The expert said QUOTE When adults get up to tricks and strategies to try and control children's behavior, two not-so-great

Starbucks Introduces a CHRISTMAS TREE Frappuccino

More Celebrity News ►► Get ready to start freaking the freak out because you only have 5 days to get Starbuck's Christmas tree frappuccino. For More Clevver Visit: There are 2 types of people: those who follow us on Facebook and those who are missing out Keep up with us on Instagram:

Cheesecake Factory Coffee Creamer Is Coming To Stores

More Celebrity News ►► Okay guys I’m gonna try to get through this story without literally showing my mouth watering. If you’ve never had the Cheesecake Factory’s cheesecakes before, than I 100% encourage you to go have some AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, because they are UNREAL. They have all KINDS