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You Can Now Get BOOZY Beignets At Disney World

More Celebrity News ►► You can now get BOOZY BEINGETS at Disney World! We’ve seen booze filled donuts before but you can officially get boozy beingets at Disney and our lives might never be the same! In case you’re unfamiliar - a beignet is essentially a deep fried fritter that served

You Can Now Buy High Heeled CROCS But The Internet Has Thoughts

More Celebrity News ►► High heeled crocs exist and they are making people feel some type of way! Love em or hate em crocs are apparently not going anywhere and the controversial footwear brand recently rolled out a HIGH HEELED version! The new heeled crocks are called “The Cyprus Heel” and

Shadowhunters Producers TEASES Hope For Revival & Possible Crossover

More Celebrity News ►► When it was announced that Freeform’s Shadowhunters had been cancelled, the show’s audience reacted in the only way that the most loyal fans do… by launching a major #SaveShadowhunters campaign. And by major, we mean MAJOR. The trending hashtag has garnered over 10 million tweets, was

Selena Gomez Dating MYSTERY MAN After Leaving Cabin Together?!

More Celebrity News ►► Selena Gomez has been spotted spending some time with a mystery man that we finally have details on.HOST TO CAMERA: We’ve got a name, folks! Back in May Selena Gomez was first seen with a mystery man leaving a Taylor Swift concert together at the Rose Bowl

Kylie Jenner REMOVES Lip Fillers & Posts Natural Photo

More Celebrity News ►► Justin Bieber’s engaged, and Kylie Jenner got rid of all her lip fillers…what world are we living in now? Kylie Jenner, known for her famous cosmetics line and lip fillers, no longer has lip fillers! This weekend, Kylie uploaded a photo of her and her friend

Fans Think Beyonce Is PREGNANT Again Over This MAJOR Clue

More Celebrity News ►► Fans think Beyonce is pregnant AGAIN after she drops a MAJOR hint at her concert. Only Beyonce can be this subtle and have the entire internet SCREAMING. Fans at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s recent ‘On the Run Tour II’ show got a DRAMATIC surprise thrown at them when

Halsey BREAKS DOWN Onstage Singing “Sorry” After G-Eazy Breakup

More Celebrity News ►► Halsey is going through it right now after the end of her 1-year relationship with G-Eazy. Any break-up is tough, but ones involving cheating are particularly awful especially for the person who gets cheated on. We don't know for sure for sure if G-Eazy cheated but

Tyra Banks CONFIRMS Life Size 2 Costar Francia Raisa

More Celebrity News ►► It’s been nearly TWO DECADES since Disney’s original movie, Life Size and we’ve been waiting for a sequel ever since. And you guys, our dreams are coming true because Life Size 2 is coming out this December on Freeform, as part of their 25 Days of

Travel YouTubers Tragically Die In Canada Waterfall Accident

More Celebrity News ►► Travel vloggers Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh, and Megan Scraper are no longer with us due to a tragic accident during their latest adventure. The trio, who are all a part of the High on Life YouTube channel, visited the Shannon Falls in British Columbia, Canada on

The Most Interesting Celebrity Autographs and Signatures – Pics Compilation

The Most Interesting Celebrity Autographs and Signatures - Pics Compilation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☺Source of the pictures: ☺Source of the music: ☺Subscribe to my channel: ☺Most popular videos: ☺Latest uploaded videos: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More videos: Hilariously Honest Post-It Notes That Reveal My Struggles Of Being A Stay-At-Home Dad Hilariously Honest Post-It Notes That Reveal

Zayn DRAGGED By Beyonce Fans Over Cover of “Me, Myself & I”

More Celebrity News ►► Zayn has new music coming out soon and over the weekend he took to Twitter to give us a taste. He tweeted, “Album is on the way, Got a few surprises for you too .. here’s a taster” Well that taster was him covering Beyonce’s “Me,

7-Eleven DEBUTS New Cap’n Crunch Slurpees So Bring On The Nostalgia

More Celebrity News ►► Those that have already tried the frozen treat have said it really does taste like the cereal for the first few sips, however that’s where the good news pretty much ends. Now contrary to how delicious a crunch berry slurpee sounds the slurpee has actually been

You Can Now Order Unicorn GLITTER Pizza But The Internet Has Questions

More Celebrity News ►► Just when we thought we’d reached PEAK unicorn food madness, think again, because Dagwood pizza located in Santa Monica, Californa is serving up glittery pizza to the masses. The Instagram sensation, called the Magical AF pizza, is a regular cheese pizza dusted with a TON of edible

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Chloe & Halle

More Celebrity News ►► From their amazing YouTube covers, to being signed by freaking BEYONCE, and even their roles on Freeform’s hit show Grown-ish, Chloe x Halle have been KILLING it lately! I mean, the sister duo really bring a whole new meaning to Black Girl Magic. But if you’re