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You Can Now Get BOOZY Beignets At Disney World

More Celebrity News ►► You can now get BOOZY BEINGETS at Disney World! We’ve seen booze filled donuts before but you can officially get boozy beingets at Disney and our lives might never be the same! In case you’re unfamiliar - a beignet is essentially a deep fried fritter that served

You Can Now Buy High Heeled CROCS But The Internet Has Thoughts

More Celebrity News ►► High heeled crocs exist and they are making people feel some type of way! Love em or hate em crocs are apparently not going anywhere and the controversial footwear brand recently rolled out a HIGH HEELED version! The new heeled crocks are called “The Cyprus Heel” and

Dunkin Donuts Releases NEW Chocolate Coffee Thins Candy

More Celebrity News ►► Dunkin’ donuts is releasing COFFEE thins and they sound DELICIOUS! Get excited guys because you will now be able to EAT your daily cup of java! The new Dunkin Donuts Coffee Thins were first spotted at a food convention called the sweets and snacks expo and coffee

Chipotle Introduces Drive-Thru Windows BUT Here’s The Catch

More Celebrity News ►► Good news Chipotle fans, you may no longer have to get out of your car to get your burritos. If you’re in Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, or Massachusetts, then you’re in luck because their Chipotle stores have introduced a new, time-saving, feature…drumroll please… The drive-thru lane. BUT here’s

Disneyland Debuts NEW Rainbow Merch Just In Time For Pride Month

More Celebrity News ►► Disneyland is dropping NEW rainbow merch and Mickey Mouse ears, just in time for pride month... This episode is brought to you by Secret Active. New Secret Active provides protection in the moments when it matters most. I have two words for you: Pride ears! Pride month

The Latest Food CRAZE Is Here – Edible Glitter

More Celebrity News ►► The latest food craze is HERE, and it’s probably the most ‘grammable one yet, because it’s EDIBLE GLITTER! You know how they say “you are what you eat”? I have a feeling a lot of people are about to become glitter. Glitter has taken over our decor, our

5 Of The CRAZIEST Pop Culture POP-UP Bars

More Celebrity News ►► There’s a brand new pop up bar that’s hitting Los Angeles, and it sounds pretty groovy, baby. If you’re in the L.A. area in April AND happen to be a big fan of the Austin Powers movies, you’ll want to hop on over to the Electric Pussycat

The Latest Trend In Unicorn Merch Will Blow Your MIND

More Celebrity News ►► Over the years there have been a TON of unicorn themed goodies and now, in 2018, we’ve finally reached the peak of the trend. If you thought the unicorn trend hit its peak when Starbucks released a super sugary Unicorn Frappuccino, well, think again because the product

Pyeongchang: HISTORIC Triple Axel, Plus a CRAZY Wardrobe Malfunction

More Celebrity News ►► If you have yet to tune into the 2018 Winter Olympics, you may want to rethink your priorities because Team U.S.A just set the bar pretty freaking high. The tables have officially turned following last night’s figure skating competition in Pyeongchang when U.S. figure skater

People Are Eating Up the New FAT UNICORN CAKE Trend

More Celebrity News ►► Well, looks like I know what kind of cake I want for my birthday this year… Yes, it’s pretty obviously the Internet is in a fun blown love affair with unicorns, but thanks to these new fat unicorn cakes, the obsession has been taken to a whole

FCC Votes To REPEAL Net Neutrality & Here’s Why It’s A Big Deal

More Celebrity News ►► In major breaking news – the FCC just voted to repeal its net neutrality rules and we’ve got the breakdown. Guys for those of you that feel like I’m speaking a different language stick around because this is an absolutely ground-breaking story that’s going to affect

Man Who Saved Bunny From California Wildfires Becomes Viral HERO

More Celebrity News ►► A man who saved a bunny from the California wildfires becomes a viral hero!! Finally some heartwarming news amidst all this craziness happening in the world! Guys and gals get ready to have your faith in humanity RESTORED with this incredibly video of a man RUNNING INTO