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8 thoughts on “Should You Tell Your Partner If They’re Getting Fat? (Chat Show)

  1. tbh i would love for my partner to tell me if i was getting fat (or too
    skinny). it’s better to stop the problem early before it gets out of hand;
    wouldn’t want diabetes or my hair falling out. miss me with that “as long
    as you’re happy, i’m happy” bs.

  2. guys listen, do not and i repeat DO NOT tell your girlfriend/wife she is
    getting FAT! don’t do it man. don’t even THINK about saying it.

  3. My boyfriend have been together for over 2 years and friends for 7 years
    now and we are so comfortable together we let each other know if we have
    gained weight or if there is any imperfections. My boyfriend has even told
    me that he doesn’t like a certain make up look on me. But we are so
    comfortable with each other we want each other’s feed back on how we look
    or act it’s a good way of helping and being one

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