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Riddo Rangan New tik tok musically Videos | BD Musically | Celebrity Style copy in

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Riddo Rangan New musically Videos 2018 | Musically Bangladesh Official | Celebrity Style copy in

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If you are aged 25 or older you have probably never heard of Yet it a major social media platform of choice for tweens and teen’s. It can claim than 200 million registered users. Its popularity is growing rapidly and there is a core of influencers developing on the platform.’s fans upload more than 13 million videos every day.

If your market is tweens or young teenagers, then you should contemplate working with influencers on to expand your brand awareness. allows young performers to share short performance videos. The most popular of these are lip-sync videos, although members are now uploading more short videos of original content.’s young fans are known as “musers”. If people like a muser’s performance they can pay them virtual tips with real money. 75% of the musers are female; 54% are aged between 13 and 24. provides live-streaming capability in the form of

It has arrangements with all the major studios allowing performers to use their songs on the app. also has an arrangement with Apple Music. This allows their subscribers to play full songs from Apple’s catalog on the platform.

Many of these influencers have also earned fame on other social media channels, such as Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram.

The influencers near the top of this list can command fees of up to $300,000 per sponsored post.

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