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R. Kelly’s Brothers Break Their Silence In Documentary Alleging His Abuse Spans Decades | PeopleTV

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A number of women have accused R. Kelly of domestic abuse and sexual assault throughout his career —and now, the people who grew up closest to him are speaking out.
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R. Kelly’s Brothers Break Their Silence In Documentary Alleging His Abuse Spans Decades | PeopleTV

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5 thoughts on “R. Kelly’s Brothers Break Their Silence In Documentary Alleging His Abuse Spans Decades | PeopleTV

  1. This the problem I have with all this. It cool when these girls trifling mothers are getting money but when it stops now u want to destroy the man. The parents should hold a lot of responsibility. I’m a single father my daughter 14. And teach her for you to say the parents don’t have some type of responsibility makes u a fool. Black Women need to stop fucking niggas just for dick and money trying to live a reality tv show niggas need to wake up too. everybody can’t be a rapper instead of sitting in cloudy rooms educate yourself. Be a father to your kids and love the woman you with fuck these hoes Side bitches and shit.

  2. The reason no case has been made is because the victims r settling out of court… GREEDY ASS SHIT!! When is a victim actually gonna choose intergrity over the money and help those poor young girls that are currently locked up with him..and to prevent future victims……

  3. Here we go again! Another black man being used as a sensational distraction – a kind of sinister entertainment for the sleeping brothers and sisters hooked on soap opera drama. A documentary about a black man being a man who loves women and the parents of young black women who prostitute their daughters out for money, and fame with the cameras rolling to make money? Now that is an original white man’s idea! One which he has never done ever before! How original! Sorry family, but any sister who comes on camera with her hair dyed blond is not to be trusted. And Mr. Kelly, brother you must have pissed off a lot of people for them to be coming after you so strong. But one way or another they plan to get paid. Come hook or crook. These devils go from one destroy a brother campaign to the next. And our foolish foolish people have after so much of it, not yet learned to see the same old serpent at work! I can only shake my head at the colossal stupidity some of our people allow themselves to continue to fall prey to. Unbelievable! We are now in 2019, right?
    This is an absolute shame! Do you all really believe those demons who have gathered for this money feast care about those sisters being had by Mr. Kelly? They do not care about them, about you or about me. They do not care about us. They care about making as much money off of the modern day slaves as possible! Wake up people! Please!

  4. They fucking love it all these woman love it are they wouldn’t just speaking abt it why they stay it’s all abt the money lucky he didn’t kill yall

  5. R Kelly peed on a 14 year old during a sex act AND video taped it . How anyone can defend him is beyond me. Just imagine if that was your daughter or sister. Come on.

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