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Miranda Sings Tries Out Speed Dating In Hilarious Prank

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Miranda Sings, aka comedian Colleen Evans, is down to do anything for a laugh, and her recent speed dating prank was no exception.

Youtube’s Prank for Prank show had Miranda Sings go on a series of speed dates with some unsuspecting gentlemen who were legit trying to get to know her as if it was a real date. Needless to say it did not take long for things to get awkward, and hilarious…

Um, yeah, if someone took their shoes off, put them on the table, and then smelled them in front of me on a date, I’d definitely have to peace out as quickly as possible, so props to that guy for keeping his cool. Other suitors didn’t react as calmly to Miranda’s antics, including one guy who had one of the best WTF faces we’ve seen in a while…

Seriously, that guy looks like he just realized he’s on a date with a serial killer. But another date, who probably had the best sense of humor and patience out of all the guys, actually seemed to find Miranda bizarrely charming.

With the way their speed date ended, we wouldn’t be surprised if he scored a second date with Miranda. But maybe she shouldn’t hold her breath waiting for his phone call…

So now I wanna know what you guys think of Miranda Sings’ speed dates–which reaction from the dates had you laughing? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments, and after that click right here for highlights from Little Mix’s Hair music video. And be sure to subscribe to Newsfeed! Thanks so much for hanging out with me, I’m your host Tiffany Taylor and I’ll see you guys next time!

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