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Man Gets BUSTED In Huge Meet & Greet Scam For BTS Fans

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A man who set up a fake BTS meet-and-greet scam is now facing some serious legal trouble…
: A man who NEVER had the right to set up a meeting between BTS and fans is now facing legal trouble for pretending to do just that…

The Korea Times reports that a man whose last name is “Choi” has been accused of offering a company the opportunity to meet BTS, in exchange for over $500,000 dollars! According to the newspaper, the company paid Choi in installments between the months of January and March. That money was supposed to have bought the company a meeting with the K-Pop group, as well as merchandise branded with BTS’s name to be sold in China. But obviously, that didn’t happen.

This wasn’t an entirely random scam, however. Choi DID have a deal in place with BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, that allowed his company to make travel carriers and backpacks with images of the group on them. That deal apparently also granted Choi a ONE TIME promotional event for the merchandise, BUT did not grant him permission to set up other meetings with BTS.

As for Choi’s motive? Prosecutors in the case are arguing that Choi was 2 billion won in debt, and part of his agreement with Big Hit Entertainment was to pay them 330 million won monthly for royalties from the merchandise. So basically, Choi needed more money to keep up with the royalty payments, and that’s when he came up with the whole BTS meet-and-greet scam. You’ve seriously gotta wonder how this guy actually thought he was gonna get away with this, considering the fact that he was NEVER gonna be able to deliver on the whole BTS meet-and-greet he’d promised.

On a lighter note, BTS isn’t letting this drama get them down and they are gearing up to release their new album, called “Love Yourself” in September. The band also released a highlight reel for their “Love Yourself” video. Check it out…
Oooh, you gotta love a dramatic montage set to some seriously dramatic music! Definitely be sure to check out the full video because these guys are very talented artists all-around.

Okay guys it’s time for you to let me know what YOU think of the meet and greet scam, and more importantly how excited are you for BTS to drop “Love Yourself” in September? Let me hear all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below, and after that click here to check out a leaked snippet of Demi Lovato’s new single. Thanks so much for joining me on News Feed, and as always don’t forget to subscribe! I’m your girl Joslyn Davis and I’ll see you next time!

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5 thoughts on “Man Gets BUSTED In Huge Meet & Greet Scam For BTS Fans

  1. Dang Bts is getting so big international they making it to the clever news lol, I love them and their song. #army

  2. If you’re not going to cover all other KPOP groups then don’t cover any at all. Its such a shame that you’re using BTS to boost your views when you really don’t give a shit about Kpop.

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