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Little Mix Responds To G.R.L. Song Rip-Off Accusations & Outfits Being “Too Sexy”

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The claims are out, and the girls of Little Mix are finally weighing in on reports that their new single “Shout Out To My Ex” is a complete rip off, so haters be warned.
Shout out to anyone out there tryna bring Little Mix down: FYI, it ain’t gonna happen!

If you’ve been blaring Little Mix’s new breakup anthem “Shout Out To My Ex” on repeat over the past few weeks, then you’re well aware of the song’s overnight success, however you’re also probably aware that the track has been under fire for sounding too similar to girl group GRL’s 2013 track “Ugly Heart.”

GRL even tweeted the hashtag ‘ShoutOutToUglyHeart’ following the song’s release, attempting to raise awareness about the two songs’ comparisons, but the foursome were quick to defend their song during an interview with a Belgian radio station, who asked about the similarities, and they had this to say:
Jade also went on to mention that the girls are, in fact, friends with Emmalyn from GRL and that “she loves the song.” She talked more about where the backlash stemmed from, saying, “I think maybe because it was a girl band as well, I just think people like to have something negative to say.”

Leigh-Anne also chimed in, adding that “Ugly Heart” could potentially be in a whole different genre of music. She said QUOTE, “Can I also say about the GRL song: it sounds a lot more country.” But things started to get real heated (in a joking fashion, of course) when the rest of the girls poked fun at all the attention “Ugly Heart” has since received…
But that wasn’t the only thing Little Mix was under fire for. Many also criticized their QUOTE “stripper and prostitute” outfit choices during their first-ever performance of “Shout Out To My Ex” on X Factor last week, including Spice Girl Mel C, who claimed that the outfits were “too sexy for her daughter to watch.” The girls were quick to respond to those claims, and let’s just say: Case closed.
Let these girls live! If you’ve got it, then why not flaunt it? But I’m curious to know what you guys think about the claims about Little Mix ripping off GRL’s song, and do you guys think they dress too provocatively? Get to talking right down here in the comments and then you can click this button right over here to subscribe to Clevver News. Thanks for hangin’ out, I’m Erin Robinson and I’ll see you next time.

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5 thoughts on “Little Mix Responds To G.R.L. Song Rip-Off Accusations & Outfits Being “Too Sexy”

  1. The first time I heard Shout Out To My Ex I immediately recognized the
    similarity to Ugly Heart but it’s only in the beginning of the chorus. But
    SO WHAT. A lot of songs sound similar. And I think the girls looked
    incredible on the X factor. People these days are just trying to make drama
    out of nothing

  2. I think that the sexy outfits that Little Mix wore were perfect. A) There
    have been things wayyy more revealing worn by others and B) it shows that
    they’re confident with their bodies and tells girls that they should feel
    bad-ass in outfits like that. They looked fierce and they knew that. Maybe
    the girls want to show others that sexy isn’t they same as gross and that
    people should feel as though they could wear that.

  3. So, girls are supposed to wear bin bags for the rest of their lives? Oh,
    wait, if you wore a bin bag you would be showing your legs and arms and
    that makes you a stripper!

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