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LETS CHAT: The Challenge, Vanderpump Rules, Celeb Gossip

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Hey everyone! Todays video is super chill and laid back. Lets chit chat about The Challenge, Vanderpump Rules, some Netflix shows and some celebrity gossip ❤

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7 thoughts on “LETS CHAT: The Challenge, Vanderpump Rules, Celeb Gossip

  1. I think the Kardashians staged this Jordan thing. They probably gave her a lil $$$ to get the buzz up, and she and Kylie will rebuild their friendship on a new spinoff show. 🙄
    I didn’t know you did GOT Reaction vids, sis! I’ma be all up in your archives watching!! Beyond ready for GOT to return!!!

    1. Yeessss! My most watched video is our first reaction video of jon snows death lol. GoT really gets me up in my feelings💯💯💯💯💯

      You’re probably right! I just can’t imagine her willingly doing that. She comes from money so i just can’t see her doing that for $$ when she has it. But then again you’d definitely have to pay me tp touch tristan Thompson bc he’s nasty to me. You’re probably right though.

  2. Was Johnny Bananas the guy from Survivor that lied about his grandmother having passed away if so he would be somebody to be okay in very small doses.

    1. No he’s a different guy. You’re thinking of jonny fairplay.

      Bananas is very much like hom though. Like thats something johnny bananas would do.

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