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Lauren Jauregui Quits Twitter After Being Slammed For Political Tweets

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Another day, another celeb tossing in the Twitter towel.

It hasn’t exactly been a smooth week within the Interweb community for Hollywood… first Demi Lovato, then Chrissy Teigen and the latest celeb forced to take a time-out from Twitter is Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui after a series of political tweets rubbed many of her followers the wrong way.

The decision came shortly after Lauren simply attempted to shed light on a presidential candidate outside of the two-party system. She began by giving a shout-out to the Green Party’s female candidate, saying QUOTE, “Did you know there’s a Woman named Dr. Jill Stein yes DOCTOR who is beautifully educated and actually cares about people instead of money? Did you also know she’s running for president?”

Lauren went on to mention that it was QUOTE, “So sad that she didn’t get a proper debate or even the ability to let people know she was here..and HERE TO HELP.” But that’s when the tweets began rolling in and things took a turn for the worst. Many fans criticized Lauren for her series of tweets that were not intended to mean any harm whatsoever, when she then tried to defend herself saying, “PS I’m aware a split vote is reality and that it’s a bit too late, however I feel like we as a people need to do better as far as educating ourselves because when we buy into the sensationalized, bought media, we distract ourselves from truth and evidently make poor decisions.”

After a while, Lauren ultimately stated where her loyalty lies, writing QUOTE, “I am definitely with Her for the sake of not having Him in the White House, however, my point was to shed light on things purposefully muted.” She then called out the Twitter trolls and declared her break from the social media site, saying, “Some of you are so mean yeah, I didn’t know about Jill..and I shared it with people and then like all of this crazy shit happened. I’m taking a break from this shit. Y’all can have your fun and make whatever assumptions about my character you want.”

But after what seemed like only minutes after Lauren decided to give the big ‘X’ out on her Twitter app, she was back as if nothing happened, tweeting her excitement to play for Glasgow last night. So she may not be gone for good, but we now know that Lauren ain’t afraid to chuck up the deuces to the Twittersphere if haters get out of hand in the future… so guys, let’s all just be kind… that shouldn’t be too much to ask!

But right now, I want to hear your thoughts on Lauren claiming to quit social media, and how about the rest of Hollywood… are Internet trolls causing celebs to break down? Get to talking right down here in the comments section and after that, you can click right over here to check out yesterday’s episode of DHR where we break down the conspiracy that Kim’s robbery was a PR stunt? Come on, guys, really now?! Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Meghan Lamontagne, and guys, just be kind!

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5 thoughts on “Lauren Jauregui Quits Twitter After Being Slammed For Political Tweets

  1. She didn’t quit, she just said she was done tweeting for that day, because
    some idiots attacked her.

  2. She was right in making idiots aware. Both Hilary and Trump are not
    presidential material. But since we have to pick between the lesser of the
    two evils we have to settle on Hilary. Also an awful choice.

  3. Twitter is just getting too toxic nowadays. Nobody seems to respect the
    fact that people have different opinions, and it seems like more and more
    people just get on there to be assholes.

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