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Justin Bieber Fans TROLL Selena Gomez’s Assistant After She Says “Jelena Is Dead”

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Abel and Selena have been going strong since January and the two seem to genuinely make each other very happy. But inevitably, there will always be Jelena shippers out there, waiting for Abelena to come to an end so that Justin and Selena can get back together. However, after this past weekend, it’s looking like Jelena may over guys, like for real.
It all started when Selena’s assistant, Theresa Mingus posted an Instagram story, featuring a photo of Selena and Abel together looking super cute, with text that read, “In an industry that’s so hard to be loyal and love these two have made it happen.” Though the story itself did seem like a little bit of a dig at Justin, it didn’t stop there.
After the story was posted, many fans began commenting Jelena related questions to Theresa’s Instagram page, many asking if and when Jelena would get back together. One user commented, “When will be Jelena come back?” Another fan responded NEVERRR! and Theresa LIKED that comment, naturally making Jelena shippers very upset.
Many of them began hating all over Theresa’s Instagram, some calling her a snake and fake, while others commenting Justin Bieber song titles like “NEVER SAY NEVER.” It’s safe to say Jelena fans are pretty unhappy with Theresa right now, even though she may just be spittin’ the truth.
PROMO: But I want to turn it over to you guys. Do you guys think it’s time once and for all, to let Jelena go? Or are you still holding out hope? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below and when you’re done with that, click right over here, to find out why Selena feels like she has no friends. As always, I’m your girl Renee Ariel and I’ll catch you later.

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5 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Fans TROLL Selena Gomez’s Assistant After She Says “Jelena Is Dead”

  1. Well we know that jelena is dead and actually that is better cause a cheater never change and will always be and cheater and u have to get over it #jelenaisdead

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