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Jungkook Leaves SECRET Message For K-Pop Group TXT!

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You’ve probably already heard that Jungkook has become an older brother figure to up and coming KPop group TXT, but now he’s taking his responsibilities seriously

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Jungkook left TXT a secret little note wishing them well, and the guys could not believe it!

In a recent episode of their reality show “ONE DREAM TXT”, the 5 boys found a bunch of sticky notes on their wall from fans

But one fan stuck out in particular.

Jungkook writing message

Yup, Jungkook left a little message for his friends that read “Fighting! Jungkookie Hyungie”

Which roughly translates to “good luck, from Jungkook hyung”

At first the boys of TXT didn’t believe it was actually from him

But once they realized, they were really touched

Jungkook became Txt’s hyung- or older brother / mentor – recently, and I’m excited to see how else this friendship grows!

Fans of both BTS and TXT were happy to see them interact

Like this one who tweeted “we don’t deserve Jungkook he’s so caring. Look at their reactions to seeing the note. The kfans notes made them so happy but after seeing his they really felt more encouraged”

and “Jungkook wrote a supportive message for TXT. He is living up to his role of a hyung”

It was a really cute moment that I think TXT and BTS fans will remember for a very long time!
So what do you guys think? How did this make you feel? And if you could write a note to TXT what would it say? Let me know in the comment section below.

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