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Inside Meghan Markle and Harry’s new home at Frogmore House – the secret royal retreat

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Inside Meghan Markle and Harry’s new home at Frogmore House – the secret royal retreat | Celebrity Gossip

It’s tucked inside the grounds of the Royal Family’s secret retreat – but Frogmore Cottage will soon become one of the most famous homes in the world.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly leaving west London and moving into the 10-bedroom home, near Windsor Castle, to raise a family in a quieter setting amid alleged “tension” with Prince William.






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10 thoughts on “Inside Meghan Markle and Harry’s new home at Frogmore House – the secret royal retreat

    1. Are we acquainted?  How on earth do you know whether or not I’m envious? And as a resident of the U.S. I certainly know that we share a border with Canada.  And I also know how much time it takes to get a Master’s Degree. Since you are apparently close friends with Meghan, Harry and her mother, I’m sure they are  very grateful you are defending them against all commenters. And P.S. I am not envious of them or anyone else.

    2. +11Cassiopeia It’s so sad when people say things that are so far out there, one feels sorry at the ignorance. I feel it’s so sad that the Sussexs have to live near hater bougies like you. Your town? 😂🤣 When did you buy it? As for who gets to live there, I think town hall will kick that ugliness in you clear into another town. They are not about to lose the revenue Harry and Meghan bring in for a milksopping pillock like you. ( BTW, if you don’t know what bougie is, it’s a person aspiring to be a higher class than one is, trying to give the impression that they are better when everyone around thinks they’re an idiot. And we know you have no class idiot.

    3. +Kathy Edens I dont think you have a clue about what you’re saying. Canadian shares a 4828.032 km land border with Americans. It’s only a matter of toll check and for Americans or Canadians, an example would be a license, a passport ( if you have one) and voila!! You’re in America or Canada! Also people travel back and forth to shop, work, etc. So, tell me, why would her mother want to move in with her when she knew Meghan was working? Besides, so was her mother. Or she was getting her Masters, which is not the same as the UK. An American Masters require at least 2 or 3 more years of study after you get your 4 year Bachelor’s degree. Meghan paid for her studies. Meghan does not want a slew of nannies for her child. She and Harry plan on doing that themselves, WITH Doria’s help. As for engagements, she’s only gone to one, the Grenfell picnic. She was visiting at the time. Also, it was the Queen who invited her to share Christmas. If you have a problem with that, talk to the Queen. When I had my child, I live on another coast from my mom, and I was calling her constantly for advice. It’s their house, the Queen gifted it to them, and they can put in whoever they want to live with them. Stay out of their business with envious half- truths.

    4. 11Cassiopeia the property is owned by the Crown Estate NOT the public or government. The estate will pay the costs.

    5. +Christine Clear FYUI It was the Council at Windsor who made that decision and then Eugenie’s wedding >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  1. It’s the Queen’s houses, she will do as she pleases. Spiteful people will always find something nasty to say when they have a dose of ignorance in the forehead. Sorry,  (Countess Bavaria) there is no way Harry will be subjected to having Princess Michael of Kent as a close neighbour, after she expressed herself by wearing a colonial brooch where Meghan was a special guest. It was an error, but not a train smash. Harry loves Africa and he loves Meghan.. Where is the English girl to match? These two grown princes don’t have to live nextdoor to each other. The Queen loves all her family and many things were taken into consideration, including giving them a chance to look around and choose. You obviously forgot, they already chose Frogmore for their wedding dinner dance. Which means this is not a new arrangement caused by anything.

  2. 1 Question why do tax payers have to pay, they have a over the top wedding for someone who had been married before, now this, yet there are people homeless and others working all hours god sends to make ends meet, yet there are have tax payers money makes me sick, a lot of young people working hard with out help will never have a home of there own.
    how much more are we paying for, they both have money so here’s a thing pay for it themselves.

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