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Halsey Sparks Feud With BOTH Demi Lovato & Iggy Azalea? (RUMOR PATROL)

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Did Halsey Spark Feuds with BOTH Demi Lovato & Iggy Azalea in THE SAME WEEK?

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5 thoughts on “Halsey Sparks Feud With BOTH Demi Lovato & Iggy Azalea? (RUMOR PATROL)

  1. tbh, I get Haley’s points, but suddenly bringing up Iggy and calling her a moron is a bit much. she was just asked about collaborations and she just snapped about her, that’s unprofessional. I admire Iggy’s response, she was very mature about it. I don’t think Demi actually understood what Halsey was talking about, because her tweet had no correlation to what Halsey was talking about. and I think Halsey shouldn’t just bash on other artists to make a point, she could have left “fucking moron” out of her answer. she just expressed her opinion and proved her points in a negative manner that just caused so much drama when she could have been more civilized about it and not cause a feud with both Iggy and Demi.

  2. I feel like people are ignoring the actual things halsey is preaching about an instead trying to make it seem halsey came out of left field for no apparent reason. If its coming up now its because no one called these girls out on it before.

  3. Lol Halsey is right. People love getting on the bandwagon and throwing an over party for everyone, but she’s not the problematic one here.

  4. The lady is this vid is a bitch ass nigger. How is rapping in appropriating black culture? u are the real moron u bitch. Its like saying a black rockstar is in appropriating white culture.. u dumb racist cunt.

  5. Technically Halsey is right about bisexuality and I don’t think she meant to attack Demi or Katy but was just using them as examples of what she was talking about and as for the iggy thing she is appropriating black culture that’s no lie but Halsey that’s none of your business honey but I love Halsey cause her music is so unique

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